How Do I Find My Network Key?


The network key is sometimes written on the underneath of the router. Once the router page is displayed, look for wireless settings. Next see if a further option for wireless security exists. The names of these items vary from router to router.
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How Can I Find My Network Key?
A computer network key is a security feature for connecting a computer to a wireless network. Network keys prevent unauthorized access to your wireless connection, which helps prevent hackers from stealing your personal information and neighbors from... More »
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Some providers print the network key on the modem. If that is not the case for you, then this is what you do to find the key. Select start, then run and type 'cmd' (without punctuation
1. Connect the computer to the network router using an Ethernet cable. Click on the "Start" orb and type in "cmd" to open a command prompt. 2. Type "ipconfig
If you are connected to the wireless connection, go to the control panel, then network and internet, then click on the network you are connected to and then to wireless properties
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You will find the network key in the configuration section of wireless settings. If you have not changed the network key you will find it on the side of your router ...
To get network security key, one can apply at windows vista, they have clearly given instructions on how to apply for a security key for wireless network and all ...
To find your WPA key for your wireless network, log into your router and you should find it under the security settings. Log into your router from a web browser ...
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