How Do I Find My PUK Code Online?


PUK is abbreviation for Personal Unblocking Code which is associated with the SIM card. Ideally, you can find your PUK code from the network operator's website or directly by contacting your mobile operator.
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1. Don’t try to guess your phone's PUK code. If you enter the wrong code three times, or sometimes five times depending on your phone type, you will end up with a completely
If you try pin more than few predefined no of times your phone will ask PUK code which can also be given only by your service provider which is specific for each and every mobile
You can contact your service provider to get the sim PUK code (AT&T is 1-800-331-0500) or if it's too late to call you can follow the directions on the website below: https://
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On most mobile phone networks you can manage your account online if you have registered for the service. Example: Vodafone Limited, on your account online, you'll find your PUK code under Phone Settings in the Manage Your Phone section. You can alternatively call customer services to get your PUK code.
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