How Do I Find My Wep Key?


WEP is a type of security that is used to protect home wireless networks. You can find the WEP Key settings for your router under the Wireless or Wireless Security sections in the router settings on the PC.
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How to Find Your WEP Key
With Internet connections becoming faster, more wide-spread and easily accessible, wireless connections are becoming more popular in work, public and home areas. Wireless networks allow the use of the Internet from a variety of locations and devices and... More »
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A WEP key can be found using two ways. Firstly, look on the router itself and its packaging; there may be information on it. Secondly, open a browser and type '' on the address bar. Enter 'admin' for username and 'password' for password. Click on 'wireless', then 'wireless security'. There should be a page with a WEP key listed.
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