How Do I Find Out All the Owners of My Car?


To find out all the previous owners of your car, you can check used car history records using the VIN number. Websites such as can help one find out the entire history of their car.
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You can find cars for sale by owner in the classified section of your local newspaper, cars driving on roads with for sale signs and cars parked on roads with for sale signs.
1. Write down the VIN number. Find the Vehicle Identification Number. Look on the passenger's side of the dashboard nearest to the windshield. If rust obscures it, check the inside
Answer Your local police department can run the vin number and tell you the owner, as it's public record.
1. Visit the DMV. Your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will have records of the previous title or title transfers done for the vehicle. This will also provide you with the
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To find the owner of a vehicle first record the car’s license plate number and verify that you've written all digits and letters correctly and in the correct ...
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