How Do I Find Out How Much a Painting Is Worth?


You can find out how much a painting is worth by having the work authenticated and appraised. You can also get advice from a professional conservator or take a tour to the library and familiarise yourself with the artist and other of his works and what they are worth and this will help you in determining what the painting you have is worth.
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1. Undertake your own due diligence before you seek out a professional appraiser so you are armed with information about the painting in question, the artist and the era in which
Usually an appraiser is the best option to determine value. If the artist is fairly well known you can look up auction prices for similar pieces. There are many variables that determine
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It is possible to look up auction records in the reference section of your local library, to get a general idea of what an artist's works fetch. There are several annual publications which list hundreds of thousands of sales results. One good online resource is Artcult, which has a freely accessible database of price ranges for many artists. And if you are willing to pay, you can get full auction results online at several sites, including and
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