What resources can be used to find out if a divorce has been filed?


To find out if a divorce has been filed, contact your attorney and ask for a delivery receipt. You can also perform a public-records search online either at a fee or for free. Abika.com is one good example wher you can do this.
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How to Find out if a Divorce Has Been Filed
Did your spouse recently inform you that he has filed for divorce? Maybe you did the filing, but now you need to know whether the court received a copy of your information. In either case, you'll need to do a little bit of research and put in some time... More »
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The surest way to find out if someone is legally divorced is to locate the actual divorce decree filed by a spouse, according to Legal Zoom. Divorce records may ...
To establish whether a divorce is final first know the county and state in which the divorce proceedings were filled, you can go to that county courthouse and ...
Information about someone's marital status is not necessarily difficult to find out. You can find out if someone is divorced in the County clerk’s office ...
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