How Do I Find Out If I'M Divorced?


To find out if one is divorced, they need to check with the court where the divorce was filed. If the only thing the couple did was file the papers, with no further action taken, then they are still married. If they know of the divorce proceedings, then they can get a certificate showing that they are officially divorced.
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1. Try to find your case online by going to the clerk's website. You must visit the website for the clerk in county where your divorce was entered. 2. Type in your name or your spouse's
1. Determine as much information about the parties as you can. You'll want to know, at the very least, the name of the person you're searching, as well as the name of their (former)
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Your local telephone book or even online searches are free ways of finding lawyers grouped by specialty. A better free way may be to ask people you know, that way you get more information
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