How do I find out if someone died in my house?


It is possible to find out if someone died in a house by consulting with the landlord or previous owner and by studying local historical records. There are also fee-based websites that provide information on deaths in homes when an address is entered.

Determining whether or not someone died in a home is not always an easy task as many previous homeowners choose not to disclose this type of information for fear of losing a sale. It is always a good idea for potential home buyers to go with their initial feelings as their sense of discomfort in the home has the potential to lead to an unhappy living arrangement down the road.

In addition to consulting with the landlord and previous owners, potential home buyers and homeowners can consult with the local police in order to learn more about past residents as well as seek advice from an intuitive psychic. While death is a natural process that everyone experiences, many individuals are uncomfortable with the thought of somebody passing away in their home, and superstitions can easily get the best of them. It is always best to conduct as much research as possible when it comes to learning about past deaths in the home.

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