How Can I Find Out If Someone Has Been Arrested?


To find out if someone has been arrested, you can check the arrest log of your local police station online where information pertaining to arrests is updated within the last 24-48 hours. You could also contact their booking Office through the telephone.
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1. Check with the police department where the person you want to check out lives. In most states you can request an arrest record over the Internet or call the department for an application
If you're trying to find them - call your local county jail and ask. They'll tell you if he is an inmate or not. If you are checking for employment purposes require that person to
To find a record of someone's arrests, have a CORI Report
If you know the county you can (in most cases) go to the county Sheriffs website and look up up. There will be a lovely mug shot and everything.
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The National Victim and notification network provides a free online service called VINELink for people to check booking information around the clock. Provided you know the state where one got arrested, you will be able to access it on VINELink.
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