How Do I Find Out If Someone Has Died?


To find out if someone has died, gather all the information you have about the person under consideration. Then you can begin by searching the Social Security Death Index and then you can start researching the public records and obituaries to learn more information. If your research has come up void, check a nationwide database and if that doesn't work contact a private detective.
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How to Find Out When Someone Died
The practical information surrounding a death can be vital in some instances. The date of death can be key to insurance matters, historical or legal documents, or benefit claims. There are several ways to go about finding the date of death for any... More »
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To find out if someone has died, collect all information you have about the person, then search the Social Security Death Index Research and public records without forgetting obituaries. Check a nationwide database and if all these do not help then contact a private detective.
Many sites are available to help you find out if a person is dead. BMDIndex, for example, can help you by locating the person's death certificates.
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