How Do I Find Out If Someone Has Died?


To find out if someone has died, gather all the information you have about the person under consideration. Then you can begin by searching the Social Security Death Index and then you can start researching the public records and obituaries to learn more information. If your research has come up void, check a nationwide database and if that doesn't work contact a private detective.
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1. Gather as much information about the person you wish to investigate as you can. Record their first and last name at a minimum, but if possible find out where and when they were
Hopefully someone in the immediate family, or the deceased's attorney, knows where the will is located. If the will cannot be located, and verified, the state will view the deceased
1. Seek solace from friends and family members. Talk to them about your unresolved issues and allow them to offer you comfort and a sounding board. Many times just talking about your
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How to Find Out if Someone Has Died
If you haven't heard from someone in awhile, you may be wondering whether the person is still alive. Perhaps you heard he passed away, but you aren't completely sure. Maybe you just have a feeling. Whatever the reason--thanks to the Internet--it is now... More »
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To find out if someone has died, collect all information you have about the person, then search the Social Security Death Index Research and public records without forgetting obituaries. Check a nationwide database and if all these do not help then contact a private detective.
Many sites are available to help you find out if a person is dead. BMDIndex, for example, can help you by locating the person's death certificates.
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