How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Still Alive?


If you have his/her social security number it would be easy to search death rolls at you can get a free month to search for him. This will help you know if he's alive or dead.
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1. Find the person's full name. The full birth name is required to ensure that you have the right person. Ask a family member or check the birth certificate if you aren't sure. 2.
Are you dead? Poke them with a stick! But seriously, there are a lot of people search tools on the web. See the Related Link to get you started.
Yes, but only for eleven seconds. is free. Enter his name and his birth year, with a range. (If he was born 1962, use 1960 - 1964) They have the SSDI, as well as other death records. If
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You can find out if someone is still alive by calling up the local health department or title office where they reside and asking if they have a death certificate for the person you are looking for. Birth and death records are public knowledge.
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