How Do I Find Out My Own Mobile Number?


There are several ways through which you can find your own mobile phone number. You can look for the 'my number' option which is located in the 'tools' folder. You can also check your cell phone bill since the number is normally listed on the summary page. Alternatively, call a friend's number and ask him/her for the number.
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How to Find Out Your Own Mobile Number
When you first get a new cell phone number, it can be difficult to remember. But you can find out your number by looking at the settings in your mobile phone or by using a few other quick tricks.... More »
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There is several ways in which you can use to find your own number using T-phone. Go to the setting option in your menu then click on my number option and your number will de displayed. You may also call your friend's cell phone and your number will be displayed.
To find your mobile number using you phone, you can go to tools or the settings menu and look for the 'my number' option though this option is only available on specific mobile phones. You can find your number on your mobile phone bill as it is usually displayed on the invoice. You can also call your friend or family member and ask them to send you the number displayed on their phone.
Use your mobile phone to call a landline, and then from the landline, call 1471. It should then read back the mobile phone number to you.
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