How do you find out who is calling from a restricted number?


The only way that you are going to be able to find out who is calling you restricted is to get the phone company and the cops involved. If you decided to call the phone company, the rep may not have the authority to look this information up unless there's cause to believe that you are being harrassed and if that is the case, they may direct you to the police.
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1. Place a block on your phone for restricted calls. Try dialing *77 to activate anonymous call blocker on a land line (contact your cell phone company to see if they offer this option
How you put restricted calls is bu putting *67 then the ohone number.
There is a software you can buy, but I assume it is pretty pricey.
A Restricted Earth Fault (R.E.F. has nothing to do with the magnitude of the current. It is in fact a normal earth fault that is restricted to a 'zone' That is, the R.E.F. protection
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There is no way of identifying who is calling you restricted unless you answer the call. If a restricted number shows up on your caller ID you wont be able to call that person back.
How Do I Find out Who is Calling Me from a Restricted Number?

If you receive a 'restricted' call on your phone, it can cause frustration and a little anxiety, especially if the caller didn't leave a message or a call back number. You dont know who it is and that can make you worry. To either stop the calls or find out who is calling you, press star 77 to block restricted calls. The restricted caller will hear a message that says your phone will not receive restricted calls. If the person really wants to talk to you, he or she will unblock the number and you will see it on your Caller ID if she or he calls back.

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