How Do I Find Out Who Really Sent an Email?


The SMTP protocol which transports email believes that the sender is who they claim to be. Anyone can send an email as any name, although ant-spoofing techniques can stop people sending emails from outside an organization. If you are suspicious about an email and want to trace its origins, you can look at the headers to determine where it was sent from.
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1. Launch or log into your email client or Web-based email service. 2. Click the "Sent" folder in the program or Web interface. Typically, the list of folders is on the
When you send an email your email provider's (yahoo, gmail, etc.) mail server looks up the ip address (think of it as a phone number but for a computer on the internet) of the email
Gmail uses your browser's time zone for calculating the timestamps that display in the Gmail UI. If you need more granularity, you can click the drop-down next to the reply arrow,
For your question when somoneone sends you an email you can only view that person's email address that is the only information that you can ge that's if you don't know who was sending
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