How Do I Find Perimeter?


Perimeter is the distance around the figure. For example, the perimeter of a square is 4*a, where a is the side length of a square, as there are four equal sides in a square, we multiple side length with 4. Like wise, the perimeter of rectangle if 2lb, where l is length, and b is width.
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To find the area you multiply the length of the area by the width, to find the perimeter you add together the length of all the sides of the area.
1. Start with a parallelogram. A parallelogram may be a square, a rectangle or a rhombus. In a parallelogram, the sides of the four-sided shape must have two sets of parallel lines.
1 Check to see if all the sides are the same length. A polygon with all sides the same length and all angles the same measure is called a regular polygon. Squares and equilateral
Perimeter = The sum of the lengths of all sides of a shape
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The perimeter is the outline of the outside of a shape. To find the perimeter, measure and add up the lengths of all sides of the shape. ...
First, determine what figure it is. Figures don't have the same formula for calculating perimeters. To get the perimeter of a triangle, just add all the sides. ...
A polygon is a closed plane figure having three or more sides. Triangles, rectangles, and octagons are all examples of polygons. To find the perimeter of a polygon ...
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