How Do I Find Slope?


You can find the slope of a line by taking two points on that line and subtracting the y of the bottommost point from the y of the topmost point, the x of the bottommost point from the x of the topmost point, and then dividing the difference of y by the difference of x. You can find more information here:
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1. Determine the known slope and y-intercept of a line. For the following example, use 3 as the slope and 1 as the y-intercept. 2. Plug the slope into the "m" position of
1. Understand the slope formula. Slope is defined as "rise over run. Ad. 1. Get a line of which you want to know the slope. Make sure that the line is straight. You can't find
If it is the equation for a line, then it can be rearranged into the format y = mx + b, where. m is the slope. of the line, and b is the point where the line intercepts the y-axis
A slope is rise/run. "Rise" means the change in the y-coordinate. "Run" means the change in the x-coordinate. These changes are found by subtraction, so for
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In mathematics, slope descripes the steepness, incline or grade of a line. A higher slope indicates a steeper incline. If you have two points on a line represented on a graph, the slope of that line equals (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1).
To find the slope of a line you need to find two points on the graph. Subtract the first y value from the y value of the second point. Do the same with the x values. Then, place the answer of the y values over the answer of the x values and simplify. The simplified number you get is the slope.
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