How Do I Find Someone Who Has Been Adopted?


There quite a number of ways you can use to find someone who has been adopted. For instance, you can search the person through adoption agency records in the city or state where the adoption might have taken place. You can also try people locator services on Google since some have access to a number of the country's adoption and reunion agencies.
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1. Obtain a phone book from the last known state of residence and search the person's name - he or she might be listed. 2. Begin a basic Internet search. Type in keywords such as
Ask your parents. If that is not possible, or if you don't believe them, contact your local Department of Children and Families, or the equivalent in your location, for guidance.
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i would do thast what i used and i found my birth parents a little over 10 months later via that site.
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To find adopted children you can contact a local adoption agency or a private investigator. If the adoption was a closed adoption you will not be able to locate ...
If one wants to find out if heshe is adopted, one should enquire from the people who raised himher if they are hisher biological parents. One can also use a paternity ...
To find adoption records you must go to the state/county where the adoption took place. The adopted child once 18, the birth parents, or sibilings can search ...
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