How Do I Find Telephone Area Code 01483?


To find out what area code is covered by 01483 in the United Kingdom you could search online or call BT. For future reference, area code 01483 is for Guildford and its surrounding area.
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Telephone Are Codes can be found by the Directory given by the telephone provider. You can make online search too on the website of telephone provider.
1. Look in the introductory section of your White Pages phone book. You will often find a detailed listing of all of the area codes for the towns in your state and a general listing
The area code 01483 in the UK covers Guildford in Surrey. Other exchanges included in the 01483 area code include Woking, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, East Horsley, Brookwood, Worplesdon,
Ofcom are the definitive source for this information, as the official regulator. There are also other more user-friendly sites around.
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The UK area code 01483 belongs to Guildford. Area codes are essential only when dialled from outside the code area, from mobile phones, and from within overlay ...
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