How Do I Find the Age of a Property?


The best way that you can find out the age of a certain property is to go to the Land registry website and search the property. Information with the history and age of the property will be displayed for you.
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There are different methods of finding the age of properties and this mostly depends on the specific type of property. To find the age of a house, you can look at the flooring for clues on the age of the house. Also you can look at the house's architectural style since this can be a determining clue of the era in which the house was built. You can also look at the house's meter reader as there will be the year in which the meter was placed on the home. Also you can look at public records for the specific age of your house.
To find out the age of the house start by trying to identify the architectural style of the house and examine the physical evidence such as the construction material used. Check the title deed for details and ask around. You can also visit the county register of deeds which should give you this information.
You can determine the age of your property by checking with your local council, since they record all details regarding every property in their region. Other methods you can use to find the age of your property include, your neighbours, architectural style and the date on the meter reader.
Unless your house is brand new, it may be difficult to pinpoint its birthday. Houses often aren't built all in one piece. Try to identify the architectural style of your house. Examine the physical evidence. Check the title. Ask around. Visit your County Register of Deeds. Follow the Paper Trail.
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