How Do I Find the History of My House?


One can find the history of his/her house from the land Registry. One can find information on previous developments carried out on the house from the title map issued.
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1. Research the old newspapers at the local library to see if there are any interesting news stories involving your home history. 2. Talk to your realtor when first buying about the
You can check the history of land in the land records office. They are usually listed by county. You can usually find the land records office by searching "land records- the
1. Search online for properties with land that are listed through the Multiple Listings Service for the specific location you are seeking to purchase in. MLS provides a comprehensive
1. Locate a house in a neighborhood of interest. Note the street address, community or subdivision name and area. Determine what county the house is located in. 2. Go to the county
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To find the history of your house, you will have to visit the National archives website. Here you will find archives of your local area which hold various relevant resources including books, maps, title deeds, electoral registers, family and estate papers which will help you in finding the history of your house. Follow this link to have a look at your local archives:
If you are curious about the history of your house, you can conduct a research yourself beginning with the elderly members of your family or hire a private research company that specializes in house history research.
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