How Do I Find the Serial Number on a Kensington Micro SD Card?


After thinking about this for awhile, I think you meant Kingston instead of Kensington for the brand of the Micro SD card. You can find the serial number on the card itself just below the Micro SD logo. Genuine ones do not have anything written on the back.
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1. Remove the Micro SD card from your electronic device (camera, computer or other device), if in the device. 2. Turn the Micro SD card over so the gold contacts on the card are facing
1. Lay the SD card on a table with the label facing down, making the metal connection points visible. 2. Direct bright light from a lamp or flashlight onto the surface of the SD card
1. Eject the mini SD card from the mobile electronic device it is being used in. With digital cameras the card is typically stored next to the battery. 2. Flip the card over so the
1. Remove the card from any electronic device to which it is connected. 2. Place the card so that the metal end is facing you. 3. Read the number on the card. Use a magnifying glass
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