How to Find Where a Relative Is Buried?


To find out where a relative is buried, first collect as much information as you would of the relative. Then go to the A Grave website and fill this information in the Find a Grave Search Form. Scroll the list of the results and see if you can find the grave. You could alternatively visit the town hall of the towns you think that the relative was buried and contact the record's secretary to allow you find the grave records. Go through the records and see if you can get the place where the relative was buried.
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How to Find Where a Relative Is Buried
Over a long period of years, the exact location of the burial site of a loved one may become difficult to find in areas with many cemeteries. To further complicate matters, the visual landscape of a cemetery changes over time as trees are removed or... More »
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To find out where a relative was buried, visit the find grave website and fill in the grave search form. They required the name, date of birth, date of death and memorial number.
To know where your relative is buried just make an appointment to visit the town or city hall of the city where you believe you’re relative may be buried. Then ask to speak with the records secretary. Explain that you are looking for the burial spot of a deceased relative. After that peruse the archives, in many cases, you will be granted access to the archives in the city hall to look through the records yourself. If your relatives name is not found on the previous city's burial records, move on to the next city or town to search for your relative.
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1. Determine in which cemetery your loved one is buried. If you have the person's Social Security number, or if you can get it, contact your state department of vital statistics and
If you are not sure where, you might want to start with the courthouse or the bureau of vital statistics. They can provided details records and provide you with information of the
The most direct way to find out who is buried in a particular cemetery is to go to the cemetery office when they are open, or phone them, and ask whether a particular person is buried
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1. Research the relative in question and find out where and when they died. Find out if they were members of a particular religion, or if they lived on family ...
You can locate the location where your relative is buried by running their names in the find grave website. This website features well over 30 million grave records ...
if you want to trace where a particular relative was buried in the UK, one has to do a lot of research and searching. One starts by gathering as much information ...
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