How Do I Fix 401 Authorization Required?


The 401 Authorization Required error is fixed by first pressing the reset button on the back of the router while it is still on, for a whole minute and while still pressing down, remove the power cable. Release the reset button and clear your browser cache then restart your computer.
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401 Authorization Required means that a password is required. I am assuming that you are trying to go into your router settings to get a WEP key. Sounds like something is not recognizing
Hello, As your server is running Apache, look for a file in your root directory called ".htaccess". Note that you may need to ask your FTP client to "show hidden files
I am a bit puzzled by your question as you don't actually need a password to get into hub manager; you only need the password when you try to get into the advanced bit. If it is a
header(HTTP/1.0 401 Bad Request" as seen here.
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