How Do I Fix a Basement with Water Coming through Holes in the Wall?


Before repairing the wall, you will need to find the source of the water leak and fix that first. Once you have found it and fixed it, you can replaster the wall and paint it.
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1. Put on gloves and eye protection. 2. Repair any cracks in the cinder blocks. It's common for cinder blocks to wear out and crack over time. This allows even more water to come
Not much information in your question but I'll give it a go with an answer. Check to see if the dirt in the front of your house is up to the line where the concrete that is poured
Depending on where the hole is located at, it might not be a problem. There are some holes located at the bottom of the frame that let moisture out of the window. These are called
If water is coming up under the slab of your floor stopping the water flow is almost impossible but we can control the flow and never let it get to the surface. Properly installed
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