How Do I Fix a Door That Won't Latch?


There are three possible ways to fix a door that won't latch. First, tighten the hinges to see if that aligns the latch and strike plate. If that does not work, remove a screw from the jamb side and replace it with a three-inch screw. If the long screws do not solve the problem, reposition the strike plate.
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1. Check the screws in the hinges. When a door is used frequently, the screws can become loose, especially the top hinges. If your hinges are loose, retighten the screws. This is
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Answer lift door handle, using screwdriver, move latch forward....will
Take off door panel and so door can be lock by key only and take off latch cable -hope this help
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How to fix a door latch depends on exactly what the problem is with the latch. There can be a number of things wrong with the latch. Most problems are fixable, ...
1. Clean out the door latch with a stiff brush. Remove any dirt or debris that may be interfering with the latch's ability to close. 2. Apply a lubricant to keep ...
This depends on why it won't close. Some people find that a bungee cord will help keep your storm doors closed. However, you could always replace the latch on ...
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