How Do I Fix a Hole in My Muffler?


An easy but temporary fix for a hole in a muffler is to get a couple of soda cans and tin snips to cut them with. Snip off the top and bottom of the cans and use the resulting pieces of metal to repair the muffler. Buying a liquid metal product will allow the cans to seal the hole without welding.
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You can temporarily 'fix' it with that muffler tape you buy at the car parts places. They also sell the paste stuff that hardens when heated by the muffler. It won't last forever
1. Park the vehicle and let it cool down for at least two hours before proceeding. The tailpipe can exceed temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, causing serious burns if not allowed
To fix a hole in drywall you will need to fill the hole with plaster. Smooth the plaster along the wall. Paint the plaster to match the wall and blend it in.
If the pipe is in good enough shape you can weld over the hole, BUT If there is one small hole rusted in the system it is a good sign the pipe is rotted. There will be many other
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Depending on what's wrong with the muffler you can get a heat wrap that goes over any type of cracks you may have around the muffler. Or you can just get a new ...
Patching a muffler is required in the case where the pipes get rusty and to prevent the holes from becoming bigger with time. Remove rust from the pipe and locate ...
A person can drill a hole in a muffler by utilizing a 3/8 inch bit to make the actual holes. Drilling holes in muffler also require setting the speed to slow. ...
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