How Do I Fix a Loose Toilet Seat?


To fix a toilet seat, first check the toilet seat bolts and tighten them if they are loose. Sometimes the bolts are worn off, so you can replace them with new ones. If the toilet seat is damaged or broken, then you will have to get a new seat to replace the old one.
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1. Pry both of the bolt covers off using a small screwdriver. These covers are found at the back of the seat where the seat is usually connected to the toilet with two plastic bolts
Pull the toilet. Check the closet flange. If it is not loose or broken, replace the wax ring and closet bolts. Reset toilet. Level with wobble wedges. Caulk base of toilet.
best way is too replace all the old hardware with new, and prior to fitting the seat to the bowl use 3m double stick tape on the base of the seat cover where the bolts will go, this
1. Examine the underside of the loose arm or escutcheon. There should be a small hole with a screw inside it. This screw may or may not have a traditional "head" to it.
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