How do you fix a scratched DVD?


To repair a scratched DVD with readily available items, first take the DVD that has smudges and minor scratches on it and apply a freshly cut banana to it in a circular motion. Then, wipe it down with the banana peel and wipe the entire surface of the disc with a clean cotton cloth for about three to four minutes. Finally, you can spray the disc with glass cleaner and wipe it clean. You can as well opt to repair such DVDs using DVD repair software.
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How to Fix a Scratched DVD
DVD discs are typically resistant to the wear and tear of everyday use, but careless handling can scratch them over time to the point that they become unreadable. If any of your DVDs aren't working properly due to light or moderate surface scratches,... More »
You can fix a scratched DVD by polishing it with toothpaste. Rinse the DVD with warm water before repeating the process thrice. Finally test the DVD.
To fix scratched DVDs cleaning the disk should always be your first move. Use warm water to clean the damaged disk so as to remove dust. Scratches that run perpendicular to the disk's spiral may not affect data reading at all, and in any case are generally less damaging than those that roughly follow the direction of the spiral.
A scratched dvd can be fixed by rubbing a thin layer of plain white toothpaste on the back of it. Wipe it clean and the scratches will be filled, allowing for better playing.
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