How Do I Fix My Lawn That Is Mainly Weeds?


1. eradication of existing weeds / soil preparation 2. seeding/establishment of new turf 3. maintenance of new turf
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1. Cut out a 2-inch-deep, triangular-shaped piece of turf with a masonry trowel to check the thatch layer. Thatch is the brown spongy material that sits between the soil and the grass
Roundup is really good at killing grass. If the area that caught the over-spray starts looking sickly, then replanting is in order. Yes, it always seems to get breezy when you want
Lawn irrigation and sprinkler system water main leaks are a common problem in yards, especially on older systems or systems that have had valve installations in heavy traffic areas.
1. eradication of existing weeds / soil preparation2. seeding/establishment of new turf3. maintenance of new turf
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Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is a purple weed from the mint family. The weed is frequently found in vegetable crops, lawns, pastures and disturbed sites. The plant ...
1. Check the rear of the Weed Eater mowing deck. A dragging rear deck or the cutting blade dragging in heavy grass can cause the lawnmower to stall. Move the adjuster ...
Fixing a Weed Eater Lawnmower That Is Stalling Out is done by Checking the rear of the Weed Eater mowing deck, Cleaning away developed grass, leaves and drivel ...
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