How Do I Fix Spaghetti Sauce That Is Too Sweet?


One of the best ways to fix spaghetti sauce that is too sweet is by adding a sour agent to the sauce. This can be done by adding a vinegar to the sweet sauce and balance it out. Another option is to add in lemon juice to the sauce to counteract the sweetness with the sour. Salt can be added but it needs to be done in small doses so that it does not become too salty. Pepper can make it a spicy and sweet sauce or adding a can of tomato paste will balance it out too.
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Add either a splash of red wine, red wine vinegar, or vinegar. A little at a time!
1. Add 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to the sauce. Mix it in. 2. Taste the spaghetti sauce. Add more vinegar teaspoon by teaspoon until the sauce tastes less sweet
Try distilled white vinegar. Remember your food chemistry.the opposite of sweet is sour. If u use salt u have to add the exact amount versus the sugar to balance the taste.
Try adding some sugar! It might tone it down a little bit. ChaCha!
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