How do I Fix Vapor Lock?


Vapor lock is a problem that mostly effects the gas fueled internal combustion of a vehicle. It occurs when the temperature is too high and the gas becomes vapor instead of liquid. You can find more information here:
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There are two basic ways to do this. The first one, turn the engine over with the starter motor untill the air lock goes away. Second, if this does not work you may have to bleed
First thing to do is inspect gas tank cap. it sounds like its not allowing air in. replace the cap, as it is inexpensive, or to save money, just drill a small hole, like 1/16, through
1. Ensure the vent of the fuel tank is open. As fuel is pulled from an unvented tank, a vacuum forms in the tank that stops the flow of fuel, a situation know as vacuum lock. If the
Removing the top of the carburetor is all that is necessary to replace the float. The
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First find out what the vapor lock is on your vehicle. What you want to do is wrap the fuel line near the engine and exhaust. Make sure that the gas cap is on tightly as well.
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