How Do I Flatten a Wrinkled Area Rug?


In order to flatten a wrinkled area rug, you need to lay down some double-sided tape. Unfortunately, wrinkled area rugs are difficult to set straight. You should not attempt to iron the rug as it could destroy the fibers.
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How to Flatten a Wrinkled Area Rug
An area rug can be a nice addition to the decor of any home, but a crease in the rug can be not only an eyesore, but a tripping hazard as well. There are many suggestions on how to remove a crease or wrinkle in an area rug, but many either end up... More »
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To flatten a wrinkled area rug you can lay some double sided tape down underneath the spot. You can also try putting something heavy there to weigh it down like a coffee table.
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