How Do I Forward My Home Calls to My Cell Phone?


You can forward your home calls to your cell phone by enabling call forwarding through your service provider. To activate it, dial *72 then the number you wish to forward to.
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1. Call your local telephone service provider to subscribe to call forwarding service. The telephone company will have this service available in a package with other services or a
To get calls forwarded to your cell phone, you must subscribe to Call Forwarding service with most telephone carriers. Once the service is in place, follow the instructions for your
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1 Contact your home telephone service provider to verify you can activate call
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1. Call your landline phone provider to determine the feature you have to add to your home phone line in order to forward calls. In most cases, it's simply named ...
How a person forwards cell phone calls depends on their carrier. Some carriers have it as an option under the phones menu. Other carriers have a specific number ...
1. Scroll through the main menu on your home screen and select the "Settings" menu. 2. Click "Call Settings" within the "Settings" ...
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