How do I get a dent out of my chrome bumper?


There are a few methods you can use. Certainly the first and easiest method is to take your car to a body shop mechanic who will get the dents out for you. You can also try to do it yourself by using a plunger and sucking the dent out. You can also use dry ice, as well as bang out the dent. You can find more information here:
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1. Arrange yourself behind the dent. You may need to drive onto jack stands or remove the bumper. Make sure to set the emergency break so the car doesn't move during repairs. 2. Enlist
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How bad is the dent? Whiskey Ding, trailer tongue kiss or major crunch? Back when I used to work in the paint & body industry, we did not try to straighten chrome bumpers. We
chrome bumpers are made of chrome
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To get a dent out of a chrome bumper, you'll need a dent puller and/or an electric buffer. You'll need to pull out the dent and then buff it to match the rest of the bumper.
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