How do I Get a Different Social Security Number?


You can get a different social security number by applying to the Social Security Administration. You will need to locate your local social security office to do this. You can find out more information here:
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How to Get a Different Social Security Number
If you are under the watchful eye of a stalker or dealing with harassment, intimidation, or abuse from a spouse, consider getting a new Social Security number for increased privacy and protection. Changing your Social Security number allows you to... More »
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A Social Security number is a number that you are given when you apply for it or when your parents do. Every person in the United States has a different number.
1. Contact the Social Security Administrations (SSA) about obtaining a new Social Security number. According to the Social Security Administration, "New Social Security numbers
Exactly how are Social Security numbers assigned? If you have ever compared your own Social Security number to a number belonging to another member of your family or even one of your
Social Security dates back to the 1930s, when the program was created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Given out by the Social Security Administration, the numbers were originally
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You can find Social Security numbers for the deceased at the 'genealogybank'' website. Social Security numbers are nine-digit numbers issued to citizens, permanent ...
Social security numbers are not recycled. When a person dies, the death is reported to the Social Security Administration and the number is retired. ...
Looking for social security numbers is illegal and can land you in prison. The only social security number you should know and use is your own. ...
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