How Do I Get a Disabled Badge?


The disabled badge or blue badge provides parking concessions to people with mobility problems. In order to get a disabled badge, one needs to fill an application at the local transportation authority. The applicant will be required to provide proof of his/her disable status.
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For one to get a disabled badge, one should contact hisher local council in order to obtain the application form. One should then fill it and return it with 2 recent passport-sized photos. An application fee of £2 is charged by some councils.
One must meet particular qualifications to receive a blue badge for the disabled. For instance, one has to be a registered blind or must be receiving a higher rate of disability allowance. To apply, one needs to contact the local council and fill application forms. Once approved, the individual is issued with the badge, which is valid for three years.
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1. Call your Local Service Center to see if an application can be sent to you or if you need to pick one up. 2. Gather a current copy of your Disability Allowance letter; two small
The disabled badge holder is used for notifying others that a certain individual is handicapped. This can be used for parking in handicapped parking spots and for benefiting the handicapped
Glue a strong magnet to the reader. Superglue and gloves are recommended. Bernd, it's called Answers, not Questions. The need to know is none of your business.
Alas Blue badges are far too easy to obtain, all you need is a sympathetic GP who has to sign a questionnaire from the Social Services and if you have convinced him that your mobility
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