How Do I Get a Hummingbird out of My Garage?


To get a hummingbird out of your garage, open the doors and place a hummingbird feeder outside. When the bird goes out to the feeder, you will then be able to close the door. You could also use a net to catch it.
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You can get a hummingbird out of your garage by first closing any door or window that may lead into the home. Next, try hanging a hummingbird feeder near the open door of the garage . Most likely the hummingbird will fly towards the feeder and see the open door and fly out.
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If you have a net, grab it and proceed to step 6. If you don't have one continue on with the following steps. Make your net. Bend the wire hanger to form a loop. Attach the hanger
Take a large amount of marijuana and hotbox the garage. When the bird calms down sit down and watch Huck Finn.
Open the garage door, all the way. Put a full hummingbird feeder outside the garage, where the hummer can easily see it. Without food they soon die and it will likely head toward
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