How Do I Get a Pokeblock Case on Pokemon Sapphire?


To get a pokeblock case on pokemon sapphire, you will have to go to the contest building In Lilycove. There, you will find a little girl near the entrance, talk to her and she responds 'I have two of these have one' after which she gives you the pokeblock case so you can play the safari zone. To make pokeblocks, go to any one of the contest buildings, go to the right, find the old man sitting there, talk to him and he will say 'want to make pokeblocks with this old timer?' and that is all.
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Verdanturf's Contest Hall. Talk to everyone. I remember having a little boy give it to me.
Go To The Contest Building In Lilycove There Is A
1. Defeat both Roxanne in Rustboro City and Brawly in Dewford Town. 2. Enter the Granite Cave, and find Steven to obtain TM47. Exit the cave. 3. Enter Mr. Briney's cabin, and speak
To obtain the Pokeblock case in Ruby & Sapphire, go to the Contest House in Slateport City. Talk to the little girl inside and she'll give you a PokeBlock Case.
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To get a coin case on Pokémon sapphire, you have to head to route 110, north of slateport city, and find the trick house. From there you have to find the ...
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