How Do I Get a Replacement Birth Certificate?


You can get your Replacement Birth Certificate by visiting the UK replacement certificate website. You will be required to fill in your personal and birth certificate detailsand you will receive it in less than 11 working days.
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How to Get a Replacement Birth Certificate
Birth certificates are important documents used as a form of identification in many different areas of life in the United States. Getting a passport, a social security card and some forms of employment require proof in the form of a birth certificate to... More »
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You can order a replacement certificate online or by post through UK Official Services. For further information check this website
Birth certificates that have been lost can be replaced by requesting a copy from the General Register Office. The agency can be accessed online and birth, marriage, and death certificates can be ordered, processed, and mailed to you within 15 working days. To order a replacement certificate, visit:
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Getting a copy of your certificate will set you back £9, though some registry offices charge £7 for recent certificates. You can also opt for the express ...
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The birth certificate number is known as a GRO reference number, which appears on a whole page of a register. In the case of twins, they might have the same reference ...
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