How Do I Get a Replacement Marriage Certificate?


To get a replacement marriage certificate you will need to contact the office where the event was registered. UK Certificates offers a secure online ordering service for official General Register Office issued marriage certificates. For more information you can visit the GRO website.
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To replace your marriage certificate, find the vital statistics office for the area in which the marriage took place then type a letter which includes the date and venue where the marriage took place and the date of the request with the full names of the wife and husband, typing the last names in capital letters. Lastly, send the letter to your local record borough and include a self-addressed envelope which is stamped so as to ensure that the records will be sent back to you.
You can replace a marriage certificate in two ways, either online or by handwritten letter. To apply for a new certificate online. You simply need to fill out a form and paying a fee online. Simply choose the state the marriage took place and fill out all the information required.
A marriage certificate can be replaced online via the UK official services website, where after filling in your personal details, they will have your certificate delivered to your door step. A marriage certificate is the record of a marriage ceremony between two individuals.
In order to replace a marriage certificate, you need to make an application online at the UK Official Services website. Fill out the required form, make the payment and the certificate will be delivered to you. Please visit the following website for more details:
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