How do I Get a Second Social Security Number?


The only reason you would need a new Social Security number was if you were having problems with identity theft. The Social Security website has the application needed along with information about the additional documentation. You can find out more information here:
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Exactly how are Social Security numbers assigned? If you have ever compared your own Social Security number to a number belonging to another member of your family or even one of your
1. Compare the first three digits to the "Chart of SSN Assignments by State" on the Social Security Administration's website. If the person received her number before 1972
Each social security number is for a specific individual. One to a customer. If you need a replacement card, you can get that, either online or by visiting a social security office
1. Contact the Social Security Administration. If you give the SSA a Social Security Number, they will generally tell you the name attached to that number, though the SSA is under
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There is a secret for how to read a social security number. The first three numbers are the area number; the next two are the group number, and the last four are ...
If you have forgotten your social security number, you can get a replacement card that would have the same number from the Social Security Administration. You ...
A person can get a credit card without a social security number by applying for a secured or prepaid card. This means that the entire balance is covered by a deposit ...
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