How do i get a skunk out of my garage?


Skunks often find their way into a garage that is left open. If you have an unwanted stinky visitor in your garage, removing him may be intimidating, but if done carefully you can avoid any mishaps. Leave the door open so the skunk can exit, play loud music as a deterrence. The skunk will often wander out of the garage on its own at dusk, so closing the door late int he evening usually does the trick. Check for babies before assuming the problem is solved. Place kitty litter as a repellent at the opening of the garage door so the skunk will not return.
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If you want to know how how to get a skunk out of your garage, be advised any trapped animal might attack. The best way to remove unwanted animals that may cause harm is call animal control.
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1. Turn off any lights in the garage. If the lights are on, the skunk will simply hide. 2. Sprinkle the area outside every garage door with a layer of flour about 1/8 inch thick.
Leave the doors open and it should leave when it is ready. use tomato juice and splash on him/her and she will run like crazy or get mad and chase u down hope u can run fast.
To evict the animal, leave the garage door open
You are a brave and daring soul. I would get a large Have a heart trap. Call animal control or your parks or extension service and see if they do loans or rentals. You can bait it
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