How do I get a toilet bowl freshener out after it has been +flushed?


To get a toilet bowl freshener out of the toilet after it has been flushed should be left up to a plumber if it has gone beyond the toilet's p-trap. Possibly a plumber's snake could be used to dislodge the freshener, but that may cause it to go in even further.
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1. Locate the hook tip of the closet auger. 2. Use the pliers to widen the hook a little bit to make it easier to catch the object. 3. Insert the hook end of the auger into the toilet
Usually means a partial blockage is preventing normal disposal into the drain resulting in back pressure re-filling the bowl. Usually followed by complete blockage later!
S E Has it right, that is the easiest and cheapest alternative. definitly embarassment free adn plus you have a tool handy for removing hair cloged drains and other emergencies around
Hi Richard, There a re a few things to check for: Make sure the water level in the tank is about 1/2" below the overflow. The overflow tube is a vertical open tube usually in
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If it already has been flushed down the toilet then there really is no way to get it out. If it's one of the toilet cleaners that hang onto a side of the bowl, you might need to take apart the toilet to get it out. You can find more information here:
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