How Do I Get around My School Blocking Facebook?


Most schools and organizations use firewalls at their proxy servers to block and filter incoming web content. There are hundreds of proxy websites you can use to bypass the school firewall but once the proxy is discovered, it will be blocked too.
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There are several webpages that you can go to , to bypass restricted websites including facebook and myspace. Some of these websites are:,,
1. Use a service that emails entire Web pages to an email address. For example, is a service that allows you to enter the URL of any Web page into a box and enter
Go to, and enter the blocked site
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One way you can get on Facebook at school and get around the block on the computers is to use a proxy site. Remember though, if you get caught you could get in ...
The reason you cannot access Face book at school is your school has blocked that site by its URL. The way around this is to bypass the schools block, and in order ...
To get around school blocks you need through a proxy bypass to access the sites. However your school has those sites blocked so you can concentrate on your studies ...
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