How Do I Get Broadband without a BT Line?


You can get a broadband without a BT line through a cable network or by using mobile broadband. There is a company known as Virgin Media which offers broadband via a cable network. It does not make use of the conventional copper wire telephone network, meaning you can have a broadband link with no BT phone line installed.
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1. Launch your Internet browser and navigate to the BT email website. The company works through Yahoo! to provide email accounts, so you can log on at 2. Select "Mail
virgin media have an offer on where you dont need a phone line and the cheapest broadband is £10 a month. If there is no cable in your area and you can't do the BT then i don't
the line you have is perfect for o2 broadband or indeed any broadband supplier that is not cable, i have the same bt line as you and i use aol and its fine
You can have broadband with Virgin Media (depending on area) with Virgin Media.
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