How Do I Get Facebook to Stop Sending Me Emails?


Facebook has an email notification process where every activity or function within facebook will trigger a corresponding mail to notify the user and sender in the event of replies or views. The mail can be unaccepted in the facebook settings with silent notifications being preferred with no need for emails and unnecessary notifications.
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1. Launch your Web browser, navigate to Facebook and log in to your Facebook account. 2. Click the "Account" link in the top menu on your Facebook profile page or home page
>Account' >Account Settings' >left side of screen) 'Notifications' >scroll to bottom and you can see; 'All Notifications' >You will see sth like this image: http://
Your friends are the ones that need to configure there settings. In the upper right hit the down arrow and select the "account settings." Next in the upper left hit notifications
Click account at the right hand top of the page then click the tab
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