How Do I Get Ho OH?


In Pok mon one can get Ho OH by first getting to the bell tower. Next challenge him to a battle where you should get his health down to a sliver. Then use a status problem inflicter to draw him to sleep or paralyse him though in extreme situations you can poison or even burn him.
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Ho-Oh is the Phoenix Pokémon and star Pokémon of Pokémon Heart Gold. As such, the only way you discover it in Heart Gold is by obtaining the Rainbow Wing after beating Team Rocket and defeating the Kimono Girls. Go to the Bell Tower with the wing in Ecruteak City and climb to the top, you will encounter Ho-Oh at Level 45.
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well your gonna need heart gold and you gonna have beaten the elite 4 once then it should just flow from there until you meet it and catch it.
1. Speak to the Radio Director in the Radio Tower of Goldenrod City, and he will give you the Clear Bell. Enter the Burned Tower, which is north of Ecruteak City. Descend the ladders
Ho-Oh is a Pokemon character. It is a reddish bird that weighs 439
They are both rare. My answer would be Lugia. lugia would beat the shi* out of ho-oh with hydro pump sorry for swaring there was no other way to describe it - flipper10158 HO OH HE
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A Ho Oh is a fictional genderless bird that resembles a peacock or phoenix and characterised with a striking gold and red coloured feathers. It is said to be ...
You can not catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Platinum unless you cheat by using an R4 or an Action Replay. You could also migrate it from Pokemon Gold. ...
To find Ho-oh in Pokemon Crystal, first go to Pewter City. In Pewter city is a house with an elderly man inside. He will give you the rainbow wing. Take the rainbow ...
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