How Do I Get into the Demon Door at Twinblades Camp Fable 1?


You can get into the demon door at twin blades camp in the video game' fable one', by defeating the demon gatekeeper at the demon door. Once he is defeated you can smash through the door.
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TwinBlade's Camp Demon Door: This Demon Doors
In Fable, the name of the Witchwood demon door is HITS. To spell out the name, attack the stones in the correct order: south (H), north (I), west (T), east (S).
Aim and shoot with your longbow VERY HARD. Just hit the door with your bow as hard as you can. Just get close enough, aim at door’s lips or eyes and let the arrow go in the
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In 'Fable 2,' if you're corrupt enough, you can get through the demon door in Westcliff and into The Vault. After you get the mace, you'll see three doors beyond ...
To get into the demon door at Barrow Field in Fable: The Lost Chapters is simple. What you have to do is eat. After you get to the point where you are fat, the ...
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