How Do I Get More Master Balls in Pokemon Fire Red?


In order to get more master balls in Pok mon fire red, get to Saffron City and engage in a battle so as to save the president who will give you this ball. You can then use this ball to purchase more balls as the game continues from one level to the next.
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1. Plug the Gameshark into the game slot on the GBA. 2. Plug "Pokemon Fire Red" into the Gameshark game slot. 3. Turn the GBA on. 4. Select "Add new code. 5. Input
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The master ball is the best tool for catching any Pokemon. It has a
Put in the 6th slot of your inventory. Talk to the man in the second city that teaches you how ot catch pokemon, watch him catch a caterpie. Fly to Cinnibar Island. Swim along the
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To get a master ball in Pokémon fire red, first enter the code 82003884 followed by the digits 0001. You can also buy the master balls using the code CF1BCCE4 F26C57D9 8BB602F7 8CEB681A. Additionally, you can win the master ball by defeating Giovanni.
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