How Do I Get My Child Fcat Scores?


The FCAT is administered to all students int he state of FL in grades 3-11. In order to obtain your child's FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) score you must contact your student's school. You can find more information here:
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1. Talk directly to your child's homeroom teacher. Test scores are delivered from your child's district to the school, and each school decides how to distribute the score reports.
fcat scores are what you need to pass the grade thats why the tell you you got a 1 2 3 4 5 or a 6 if you are doing writting these tests are only in florida thats why it called the
FCAT will give your child a score of 1-5. The average score is a 3, but getting a 2 will allow a child to pass the FCAT.
Good grief, I was never taught that in school either--have succeeded very well in the 45 years I've been out. You as a parent do have some responsiblities!!! Finances and religion
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Viewing your Child's FCAT score online involves getting your child's username and password in and a formal notice from your child's school. Then sign into the ...
The passing scores for the Grade 10 FCAT are: a Developmental Scale Score of 1889 (Scale Score of 300) or above on FCAT Mathematics and Developmental Scale Score ...
You can interpret CogAT scores quite easily. Locate the score for the verbal reasoning part of the test, which is the percentile your child was placed in. If your ...
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